Handmade custom bentwood chairs by Ian Birchall | Sturdy and comfortable chairs you can sit on!

Contemporary Design, Traditional Craftsmanship

Urban Country Chair Design No. 1 combines the simplicity of contemporary design with traditional country craftsmanship. Using time-tested methods and organic materials with clean, simple lines results in a solid but lightweight chair with warm wood tones and elegant sophistication. The bentwood arms, made from a single piece of oak or ash, and the simple shape of the backrest create the graceful, clean lines of this comfortable and versatile chair.

This Urban Country Chair design fits well by a dining room table or alone in the family room, sunroom, or home office. Handwoven paper fiber used in the seating completes this chair’s classic design. This is available in rush or splint.

Back View of a Wooden Chair
Front View of Seat
Side View of Top Rail Wooden Chair
Top View of Top Rail
Top Rail of Wooden Chair
Cropped Photo of Seat
Cropped Photo of Wooden Chair