Handmade custom bentwood chairs by Ian Birchall | Sturdy and comfortable chairs you can sit on!

The Laid-Back Windsor Chair

In designing this chair, I wanted it to be light, generous, and comfortable. We envisioned it to explore further the bending of wood to achieve a cohesive, graceful shape that fits the human body and allows the sitter to change positions easily and interact with their surroundings.

Using the greenwood method, we intended to craft a comfortable contemporary bentwood chair with grace and elegance. Our goal was to produce an heirloom-quality piece of furniture—a chair to be passed down from generation to generation—in the Windsor Chair tradition.

Front View of The Laid-Back Windsor Chair
Side View of The Laid-Back Windsor Chair

This is a fireside chair, a sunroom chair, a bedroom chair, a reading, feeding, knitting, thinking, dreaming chair—a lounge chair for the 21st century.

All my chairs are handcrafted and finished by me. They are available in custom finishes to suit your setting. I generally build 10 chairs at a time, and delivery times range from 8 to 12 weeks.

As a one-person operation, I cannot accommodate the margin reductions needed for a wholesale pricing structure. As a result, I do not offer volume-based discounts. For any further questions or to schedule an appointment to see the chairs in our Port Hope workshop, contact us via email or phone.